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Esko-Matti Harkke
Heikki Korhonen
#43770 See Heikki Korhonen on LinkedIn
Vilanko, Arja
#45425 See Vilanko, Arja on LinkedIn
Heikki Miettinen
#50225 See Heikki Miettinen on facebook
Marica Schulman (Borgman)
#50648 See Marica Schulman (Borgman) on facebook
Leena Ruopuro
#51845 See Leena Ruopuro on LinkedIn
Rauli Forsblom
#52186 See Rauli Forsblom on LinkedIn
Kari Kokkonen
#54977 See Kari Kokkonen on facebook
Kenneth Bergroth
#55044 See Kenneth Bergroth on LinkedIn
Karttunen, Kirsti
#55364 See Karttunen, Kirsti on LinkedIn
Lasse Luoma
#55870 See Lasse Luoma on LinkedIn
Kari J. Hietala
#56978 See Kari J. Hietala on facebook
Tiina Whiley
#57738 See Tiina Whiley on LinkedIn
Harry Granström
#57740 See Harry Granström on facebook
Jari Viitanen
#57750 See Jari Viitanen on LinkedIn
Jouni Peltomaa
#59872 See Jouni Peltomaa on LinkedIn
Leena Sulonen
#61034 See Leena Sulonen on LinkedIn
Reijo Reinvall
#61239 See Reijo Reinvall on LinkedIn
Jari Vuorinen
#61258 See Jari Vuorinen on LinkedIn
Juha T Kolari
#61262 See Juha T Kolari on LinkedIn
Huhtala, Jari
#61886 See Huhtala, Jari on LinkedIn
Mika Mathlin
#62318 See Mika Mathlin on LinkedIn
Timo Saros
#62321 See Timo Saros on LinkedIn
Rauno Hörkkö
#62330 See Rauno Hörkkö on LinkedIn
Jalkanen, Jarmo
#62838 See Jalkanen, Jarmo on LinkedIn
Jaana Vilpponen
#63136 See Jaana Vilpponen on facebook
Juha Korpinen
#63150 See Juha Korpinen on LinkedIn
Sami Laranne
#63265 See Sami Laranne on LinkedIn
Jouko Kinnunen
#63269 See Jouko Kinnunen on LinkedIn
Olli Jussila
#63272 See Olli Jussila on LinkedIn
Pekka Tapani Partanen
#63274 See Pekka Tapani Partanen on LinkedIn
Jari Haapaniemi
#63819 See Jari Haapaniemi on LinkedIn
Heikki Raitanen
#64160 See Heikki Raitanen on LinkedIn
Kirsi Tanner
#64987 See Kirsi Tanner on LinkedIn
Juha Savolainen
#64989 See Juha Savolainen on LinkedIn
Timo Ketola
#65491 See Timo Ketola on LinkedIn
Pekka Floman
#65500 See Pekka Floman on LinkedIn
Katja Rantala
#65740 See Katja Rantala on LinkedIn
Krats Tapani
#65742 See Krats Tapani on LinkedIn
Jaana Mirjami Suhonen
#65743 See Jaana Mirjami Suhonen on facebook
Pirjo Kivistö
#66254 See Pirjo Kivistö on LinkedIn
Mika Salonen
#66658 See Mika Salonen on LinkedIn
Arto Sepponen
#66661 See Arto Sepponen on LinkedIn
Riku Koskinen
#67205 See Riku Koskinen on LinkedIn
Anne Sarras-Naaralainen
#67524 See Anne Sarras-Naaralainen on LinkedIn
Jarmo Kauppinen
#67528 See Jarmo Kauppinen on LinkedIn
Paula Tuisku
#68017 See Paula Tuisku on LinkedIn
Ovaska, Petri
#68023 See Ovaska, Petri on LinkedIn
Mika Westerback
#68191 See Mika Westerback on facebook
Hannu Lauronen
#68258 See Hannu Lauronen on LinkedIn
Jarkko Aleksi Kokkala
#68264 See Jarkko Aleksi Kokkala on LinkedIn
Sari Paljakka
#68780 See Sari Paljakka on LinkedIn
Jyrki Pasanen
#68988 See Jyrki Pasanen on LinkedIn
Salla Laiho
#68990 See Salla Laiho on LinkedIn
Mia Kairikko
#68991 See Mia Kairikko on LinkedIn
Mika Immo
#68993 See Mika Immo on LinkedIn
Kari Niklas Enkvist
#69883 See Kari Niklas Enkvist on LinkedIn
Thomas Markusson
#70837 See Thomas Markusson on LinkedIn
Tony Ahlqvist
#70852 See Tony Ahlqvist on LinkedIn
Iiri Laurila
#70878 See Iiri Laurila on facebook
Jenni Salmenkangas
#72593 See Jenni Salmenkangas on LinkedIn
Timo Ojanen
#73443 See Timo Ojanen on LinkedIn
Jarno Ilmari Kanninen
#73483 See Jarno Ilmari Kanninen on facebook
Seija Heikkinen
#74116 See Seija Heikkinen on LinkedIn
Hanna-Kaisa Koivisto
#74122 See Hanna-Kaisa Koivisto on LinkedIn
Tero Mikola
#74127 See Tero Mikola on LinkedIn
Ulla Hansmann
#74553 See Ulla Hansmann on LinkedIn
Jenni Rajahalme
#75073 See Jenni Rajahalme on facebook
Paula Koponen
#75390 See Paula Koponen on facebook
Mari Viirelä
#75396 See Mari Viirelä on LinkedIn
Matti Airaksinen
#75397 See Matti Airaksinen on LinkedIn
Antti Jussi Ronty
#75680 See Antti Jussi Ronty on LinkedIn
Riikka Marie Peippo
#76240 See Riikka Marie Peippo on LinkedIn
Hanna Airas
#76941 See Hanna Airas on LinkedIn
Sanna-Riikka Kristiina Valtonen
#77780 See Sanna-Riikka Kristiina Valtonen on LinkedIn
Sanna Lehtomäki
#78142 See Sanna Lehtomäki on LinkedIn
Sanni Kiviniemi
#78903 See Sanni Kiviniemi on LinkedIn

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Our worldwide senator webpage – for the time being a list of JCI Senators and/or a directory - more information will be added later on.

For the moment we are close to 3000 senators in or FROM 126 different countries – all with photo ☺ for easy recognition.

All senators are listed under the country where they are living.

The purpose is to make better communication, more friend- and fellowship, better understanding across borders between senators around the world or maybe also some advices when on travel or even to get business advices.

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