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Paul Van Tieghem
Paul Oosterlinck
Marc Vandersmissen
Freddy Laplace
Herman Luyten
#23221 See Herman Luyten on facebook
Georges Noël
Ferd Olaerts
Rudy Dupont
#34708 See Rudy Dupont on LinkedIn
Armand Moers
Jean-Claude Brabant
Reginald C.J. Schaumans (senior)
Marcel Geerts
Alessandro Tarditi
#39691 See Alessandro Tarditi on facebook
Annie Caus
#40810 See Annie Caus on LinkedIn
Luc Meurrens
#40947 See Luc Meurrens on facebook
Arthur Ziegler
Marcel Eeckhout
#43187 See Marcel Eeckhout on facebook
Jean-Lou Peene
#44651 See Jean-Lou Peene on LinkedIn
Jean-Paul Post
#45052 See Jean-Paul Post on LinkedIn
Gabriele Thiemann
Bernard Dal
#47572 See Bernard Dal on LinkedIn
Claude Schepens
#48189 See Claude Schepens on LinkedIn
Jan Byttebier
#50347 See Jan Byttebier on LinkedIn
Guy Agamand
#51348 See Guy Agamand on LinkedIn
Marc Roppe
#51434 See Marc Roppe on facebook
Michel De Meue
JO Taveirne
Denise De Vlieger
#54228 See Denise De Vlieger on LinkedIn
Dirk De Beule
#55348 See Dirk De Beule on facebook
Patrick Beckers
#56487 See Patrick Beckers on facebook
Trees Vanryckeghem
#57126 See Trees Vanryckeghem on LinkedIn
Koenraad D'Helft
#57129 See Koenraad D'Helft on LinkedIn
Serge Lefevere
#57979 See Serge Lefevere on LinkedIn
Philippe Kerstenne
#58348 See Philippe Kerstenne on LinkedIn
Mathy Kwaspen
#58609 See Mathy Kwaspen on LinkedIn
Marc Loeys
#58962 See Marc Loeys on LinkedIn
Marc Limère
#59766 See Marc Limère on LinkedIn
Patrick Bockstal
#59768 See Patrick Bockstal on LinkedIn
Michel Staffe
#60230 See Michel Staffe on LinkedIn
Potargent, Johan
#60764 See Potargent, Johan on LinkedIn
Piivi Öhman
#61024 See Piivi Öhman on facebook
Isabelle Ruyffelaere
#61031 See Isabelle Ruyffelaere on facebook
Inge Saeys
#61994 See Inge Saeys on LinkedIn
Erik Houben
#61995 See Erik Houben on LinkedIn
Jo Dewerchin
#62003 See Jo Dewerchin on LinkedIn
Philippe Rosvelds
#62410 See Philippe Rosvelds on LinkedIn
Marianne De Koninck
#62810 See Marianne De Koninck on LinkedIn
Caroline Flipts
#62965 See Caroline Flipts on LinkedIn
Peter Vanherck
#63071 See Peter Vanherck on LinkedIn
Johan Persyn
#63345 See Johan Persyn on LinkedIn
Bamelis, Ann
#64217 See Bamelis, Ann on LinkedIn
Jean-Louis Van den Haute
#64222 See Jean-Louis Van den Haute on LinkedIn
Peter Langenberg
#64224 See Peter Langenberg on LinkedIn
Baeten, Dimitri
#64253 See Baeten, Dimitri on LinkedIn
Hilde Vernaillen
#64254 See Hilde Vernaillen on LinkedIn
Frank Vandenhoeke
#64631 See Frank Vandenhoeke on LinkedIn
Jan Everaet
#64633 See Jan Everaet on LinkedIn
Marc De Tienne
#64636 See Marc De Tienne on LinkedIn
Küper, Werner
#64722 See Küper, Werner on LinkedIn
Jan Blanckaert
#64992 See Jan Blanckaert on facebook
Minet, Marie-Noëlle
#64993 See Minet, Marie-Noëlle on LinkedIn
Kaatje Van Belle
#65537 See Kaatje Van Belle on facebook
Pieter Vansynghel
#65588 See Pieter Vansynghel on LinkedIn
Lieven Gevaert
#65795 See Lieven Gevaert on LinkedIn
Gert De Meutter
#65798 See Gert De Meutter on LinkedIn
Ethel Devos
#66334 See Ethel Devos on LinkedIn
Sierens, Kris
#66684 See Sierens, Kris on LinkedIn
Ghislaine Bormans
#66687 See Ghislaine Bormans on facebook
Karina Vandoren
#66688 See Karina Vandoren on LinkedIn
Lynne Jehoul
#66698 See Lynne Jehoul on LinkedIn
Bruno Van de Capelle
#66757 See Bruno Van de Capelle on facebook
#67019 See LieveWoutters on LinkedIn
Viviane Sprangers
#67258 See Viviane Sprangers on LinkedIn
Bart Verlinden
#67278 See Bart Verlinden on LinkedIn
Tacq, Peter
#67279 See Tacq, Peter on LinkedIn
Andre Driessen
#67285 See Andre Driessen on LinkedIn
Kristof Steegmans
#67355 See Kristof Steegmans on LinkedIn
Philippe Six
#67559 See Philippe Six on LinkedIn
Masure, David
#67811 See Masure, David on LinkedIn
Patrick Tonneau
#68016 See Patrick Tonneau on LinkedIn
Eric Kuypers
#68121 See Eric Kuypers on LinkedIn
Colette Meester
#68135 See Colette Meester on LinkedIn
Stephane Dupuis
#68298 See Stephane Dupuis on LinkedIn
Geert Blomme
#68402 See Geert Blomme on LinkedIn
Frederik Ardies
#68404 See Frederik Ardies on LinkedIn
Roel Vanmaele
#68456 See Roel Vanmaele on LinkedIn
Serge Goussaert
#68470 See Serge Goussaert on facebook
Annerel Wim
#68702 See Annerel Wim on LinkedIn
Harald Dumoulin
#68788 See Harald Dumoulin on facebook
Isabelle Joly
#68834 See Isabelle Joly on LinkedIn
Dirk Medland
#68875 See Dirk Medland on LinkedIn
Koen Vandenbunder
#68877 See Koen Vandenbunder on facebook
Guy Callewier
#69147 See Guy Callewier on LinkedIn
Dries Vyvey
#69198 See Dries Vyvey on LinkedIn
Didier Colart
#69555 See Didier Colart on LinkedIn
Michele Brackenier
#69558 See Michele Brackenier on LinkedIn
Pol Dossche
#69625 See Pol Dossche on LinkedIn
Joakim Van Oorlé
#70436 See Joakim Van Oorlé on LinkedIn
Tom Vanfleteren
#70471 See Tom Vanfleteren on LinkedIn
Dorien De Molder
#70924 See Dorien De Molder on facebook
Sabine Lammens
#70927 See Sabine Lammens on facebook
Hilde Henderickx
#70944 See Hilde Henderickx on LinkedIn
Lionel Guillou
#70963 See Lionel Guillou on LinkedIn
Annelies Quaegebeur
#71473 See Annelies Quaegebeur on LinkedIn
Steven Vanpoucke
#71474 See Steven Vanpoucke on LinkedIn
Kristien Schrijvers
#71735 See Kristien Schrijvers on facebook
Ylke Van Dun
#71736 See Ylke Van Dun on facebook
Valerie Meuser
#72462 See Valerie Meuser on LinkedIn
Karolien De Meirsman
#72645 See Karolien De Meirsman on LinkedIn
Caroline Thoonen
#72981 See Caroline Thoonen on facebook
Daniëlle Lefrère
#73063 See Daniëlle Lefrère on facebook
Alexandra Van Loo
#73151 See Alexandra Van Loo on facebook
Nico Vandervelpen
#73420 See Nico Vandervelpen on facebook
Alexis Fary
#73575 See Alexis Fary on facebook
Cedric Collot
#73622 See Cedric Collot on LinkedIn
Kristof Maenhout
#73851 See Kristof Maenhout on facebook
Audrey Taverna
#73965 See Audrey Taverna on facebook
Sven Vandenameele
#73966 See Sven Vandenameele on LinkedIn
Eva-Maria Bisschop
#73992 See Eva-Maria Bisschop on facebook
Laurent Rozenfeld
#74151 See Laurent Rozenfeld on facebook
Benny Lauwers
#74153 See Benny Lauwers on facebook
Rodney Vandemoortele
#74154 See Rodney Vandemoortele on facebook
Valérie de Groote
#74432 See Valérie de Groote on facebook
Vincent Dascotte
#74433 See Vincent Dascotte on facebook
Arne Vanes
#74562 See Arne Vanes on facebook
Fabien Frenay
#74593 See Fabien Frenay on facebook
Siska Christiaens
#74594 See Siska Christiaens on facebook
Katrien Van den Abeele
#74605 See Katrien Van den Abeele on facebook
Bernard Dewez
#75103 See Bernard Dewez on facebook
An Delen
#75739 See An Delen on facebook
Winnok Housaer
#75740 See Winnok Housaer on facebook
Fabrice Pacolet
#75984 See Fabrice Pacolet on LinkedIn
Wouter Danckaert
#75999 See Wouter Danckaert on facebook
Anneleen Cobbaert
#76081 See Anneleen Cobbaert on facebook
Stef Verbeeck
#76082 See Stef Verbeeck on facebook
Cindy Crucifix
#76095 See Cindy Crucifix on facebook
Jean-Francois Hermann
#76101 See Jean-Francois Hermann on facebook
Sylvie Micholt
#76228 See Sylvie Micholt on facebook
Lisiane Hotton
#76444 See Lisiane Hotton on facebook
Tine Bourgoy
#76899 See Tine Bourgoy on LinkedIn
Quentin Dal
#76980 See Quentin Dal on LinkedIn
Nadja Maraite
#77379 See Nadja Maraite on LinkedIn
Hans Everaert
#77819 See Hans Everaert on LinkedIn
Liesbet Brouckaert
#79624 See Liesbet Brouckaert on LinkedIn

Welcome to

Our worldwide senator webpage – for the time being a list of JCI Senators and/or a directory - more information will be added later on.

For the moment we are close to 3000 senators in or FROM 126 different countries – all with photo ☺ for easy recognition.

All senators are listed under the country where they are living.

The purpose is to make better communication, more friend- and fellowship, better understanding across borders between senators around the world or maybe also some advices when on travel or even to get business advices.

To become a member in this group you have two possibilities to sign up:

Sign up via LinkedIN
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Welcome to one of the senator groups and to the webpage

I hope you will find some old senator friends and make some new friendships, to make JCI stronger

If you need any help or more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

My best JCI senator friendship regards

Frank #59603 from Copenhagen
42nd President Danish Senate